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. ***Tumbling 4 Cheerleading Association SPECIALIZES IN TUMBLING FOR CHEERLEADING. WE ARE THE TOP TUMBLING TRAINING FACILITY FOR CHEERLEADERS IN THIS AREA! TCA has Open Gym every Friday from 4-7, Saturday from 11-2, and Sunday from 11-2! Open Gyms will be for members only until further notice!***

Tumbling Classes

Tumbling 4 Cheerleading
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Tumbling 4 Cheerleading Association tumbling classes are geared specifically for cheerleading. Students learn the proper technique and progression of tumbling skills they need to execute for their high school, junior high school, elementary school, recreational or all-star cheerleading teams. TCA is proud to be the "go to" facility for so many of the school and recreational cheerleading teams in our area, several of whom are State and National Champions! 

Tumbling 4 Cheerleading Association offers tumbling classes for every skill level and age: afternoon and evening classes are for elementary thru high school students; day classes are for preschoolers and kindergarteners. Our after noon and evening classes are rostered by skill level, regardless of age (scroll down the page for class descriptions). Please note, students in our Beginner Tumbling classes work on the skills and techniques for back handsprings.

Go to Forms to download waivers. Go to Online Registration to register for a TCA class!

Tumbling 4 Cheerleading Association also offers customized team tumbling classes and camps for cheerleading teams. Visit our Tumbling Camps page for more information regarding camps, or Call TCA to organize a team tumbling class for your team: 815-464-8071

Group Tumbling Classes:

  • Class placement is based on skill prerequisites for each level.
  • Group tumbling classes begin the first week of every month. Classes are one hour long and held once a week.
  • If a student starts mid-session, that student may request "make-up" classes.
  • Go to Forms to download waivers, and to Tumbling Schedule for session schedules.

Beginner Tumbling

No prior tumbling experience is required. Tumblers will learn the proper technique and execution of cartwheels, round-offs and the beginning techniques of standing back handsprings and round-off back handsprings.


Intermediate Tumbling

Minimum skills required: cartwheel, round-off, unassisted standing back handspring and unassisted round-off back handspring. Tumblers will learn and strengthen proper technique of standing and running back handspring series. Tumblers will begin to learn the proper technique of round-off back handspring back tucks.


Advanced Tumbling

Minimum skills required: standing and running round-off back handspring series (two or more), unassisted running round-off back handspring to back tuck and unassisted standing back handspring(s) to back tuck. Tumblers will work in progression to learn proper technique and execution of: 

  • Standing skills: back handspring back tucks, back tucks, back handsprings to layouts and fulls, standing fulls.
  • Running skills: round-off back handspring(s) to layouts and fulls; combination passes.


Team Tumbling

TCA offers customized team tumbling classes for cheerleading teams where your cheerleading team will receive individualized and team instruction (team members need not have the same skill level). Contact TCA to arrange a team tumbling class exclusively for your team. A minimum of five members of your team is required to start a team tumbling class. TCA will also travel to you! Click our Tumbling Camps for more information on our Intense Tumbling program.


Open Gym

Open Gyms are held every Friday from 4-7, Saturday from 11-2, and Sunday from, 11-2. 


Private Lessons

Privates, one-on-one tumbling lessons, are available only to those Tumbling 4 Cheerleading Association students who are also currently enrolled in a TCA group tumbling class. Students coordinate private tumbling lessons directly with the coach of their choice. Prices and schedules vary from coach to coach. TCA does not coordinate the private tumbling lessons between the students and coaches. 


Tumbling Make-Up Classes

If you are absent from your group tumbling class, you are welcome to request a make-up class according to the make-up schedule. Scheduling of make-ups require a minimum of 72 hour notice. Please plan ahead -- our make-up classes typically fill up two weeks in advance. Make-ups are only available to students who are currently enrolled in a tumbling class. Make-up classes are limited to four students per instructor. Make-ups do not expire and do not have to be made up in the same session the absence occurred. However, if a tumbler is no longer a currently-enrolled (paid) Tumbling 4 Cheerleading Association student in a group class, any remaining make-up classes are forfeited (i.e., if a student skips a session or their tuition is not paid by the first week of a new session, the student loses any banked make-up classes).