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. ***Tumbling 4 Cheerleading Association SPECIALIZES IN TUMBLING FOR CHEERLEADING. WE ARE THE TOP TUMBLING TRAINING FACILITY FOR CHEERLEADERS IN THIS AREA! TCA has Open Gym every Friday from 4-7, Saturday from 11-2, and Sunday from 11-2!***

Welcome to Tumbling 4 Cheerleading Association


Tumbling 4 Cheerleading Association, Inc.

5/24/21 - Registration is now OPEN for June!

5/17/21 - Early registration for June is now open for members!! We are also bringing back day classes in June!

4/26/21 - Registration for May is now open for everyone!!!!

4/23/21 - Early registration for currently enrolled members is now open!! We will open registration for everyone on Monday, April 26th.

3/23/21 - April registration opens on Thursday, March 25th!

2/22/21 - March registration is now open!!

2/15/21 - TCA will be closing early tonight! We will be closing ay 6:00 tonight due to the snow storm. Stay safe and warm!

2/11/21 - TCA has officially launched our ProShop!! Please stop by and check out all the different merchandise we offer!! To visit our ProShop please click HERE

2/3/21 - TCA is excited to announce our Free Trial Class! New, potential students are welcome to attend one Free Trial class with Coach Ashley! This is a great way to meet our staff, spend time in our facility, and get a feel for a typical class at TCA. This is a great way to see if TCA is a fit for you! Classes will be held on Saturday, February 20th, from 10:00am-11:00am or 11:00am-12:00pm. We will have no more than 5 tumblers in each class, and we will try to keep similarly skilled tumblers together, you must call to reserve your spot. Free Trial classes are FREE and all tumblers must have a signed waiver on file.

1/25/21 - Online registration for February is now open to everyone!! 

1/25/21 - TCA will be open tonight for classes! If you cannot make it, and want to schedule a makeup this week, give us a call to schedule!

12/23/20 - Online registration for January opens today at 3:00!

11/24/20 - December registration is now open for everyone!

11/20/20 - Early registration for December is currently open for all enrolled tumblers! Open registration begins on Tuesday, November 24th.

10/27/20 - We have opened online registration!! TCA is now open on Sunday! Due to the overwhelming October Session we have decided to add Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced classes on Sunday from 11-2. We have also added an Open Gym on Sunday from 11-2! Thank you everyone for your continued support! 

10/9/20 - We are currently taking November registrations! From now until Monday, October 26th, we will be accepting registrations for November over the phone or in person! Beginning October 27th we will open online registration for everyone! TCA is now open on Sundays! We will have classes and Open Gym every Sunday from 11-2.

10/1/20 - October Registration is now OPEN!

8/11/20 - TCA does have power, and will be open for classes as usual!

8/10/20 - As we continue following evolving recommended safety precautions, TCA has decided to once again close the lobby to spectators. Our garage doors will remain open and parents may continue to watch class from any of the 3 open doors. We are hoping this eliminates an element of exposure for students as they go back to school.

7/26/20 - August enrollment is now OPEN! Effective August 1st, we are switching back to our evening class schedule: Mon.-Thurs., 4PM to 9PM; Fri., 4PM to 7PM; Sat., 10AM to 2PM. Open Gym will begin in August! Open Gyms will be held on Friday from 4PM to 7PM and on Saturday from 11AM to 2 PM. Participation is limited to 25 participants so regularly scheduled class participation can remain as is.

6/25/20 - Please see our updated changes with our move into Phase 4! You can view them by clicking Here! Changes will begin on Friday, July 26th. 

6/24/20 - Registration for July is open! You may register online or by giving us a call at the gym! 

6/11/20 - TCA wants to thank everyone for their support! We are overjoyed at the response we have received for our June Session! We can't thank everyone enough! With the overwhelming response we have added more classes to the July session and are now taking registration for new enrollments for the July session! We are currently accepting enrollments over the phone, but will open online registration, for July, the week of June 22nd. We do encourage all students who plan on re-enrolling in their current class to do so as soon as we open online registration for July, or they can call and reserve their spot before we open online registration! Again, we want to thank everyone for their support!!


5/24/20 - TCA is excited to reopen soon! Please click HERE for more information on our reopening and new changes to help keep everyone healthy and safe!


1/3/20 - Online registration is now OPEN!!!!


12/2/19 - TCA is excited to introduce our NEW Intense Tumbling Camps! For more information click here


7/24/19 - Way to go, TPHS JV! We're excited to assist you with your tumbling progression and appreciate how hard you're willing to work!


7/23/19 - We're so thankful that the athletes from Kankakee traveled to work with us! They are a wonderful group of athletes who spend their time working wisely. They're going to have a great year!



7/17/19 - The St. Michael Wildcats are young athletes with big talent! They're working hard to honor the long standing tradition of excellence in their cheer program!!



7/11/19 - We are seeing great things for the cheerleaders at Rich South! They have a very bright season ahead!



6/26/19 - The Marist Varsity Redhawks are intense workers! They push each other to train hard and constantly be better! They are setting themselves up for success!


6/26/19 - The JV athletes from Marist follow the example their Varsity sets! These girls are working new skills to continue the tradition of success in their program!



6/25/19 - The cheerleaders from Queen of Martyrs know that you're never too young to work on new skills! These girls are eager to advance with their tumbling for this season and beyond!



6/25/19 - The Eagles from Sandburg are working hard! These girls are having fun preparing for the year ahead!!



6/21/19 - We are proud of the Tinley Park Varsity Cheerleaders! They are putting in the time and focus it takes to safely execute new skills and reach their goals!



6/20/19 - The Joliet Central cheerleaders are spending the summer working for success during the school year! We are enjoying being a part of their tumbling journey!



6/20/19 - The Tigers from Joliet West are wonderful! These athletes apply instruction well to improve their tumbling skill execution!



6/19/19 - We're so happy to have met the cheerleaders from the Bourbonnais Upper Grade Center! It has been so much fun to get to know this program and help them work towards skills for the upcoming season AND future High School tryouts!



6/19/19 - It is a pleasure to help the athletes from Bishop McNamara gain new tumbling skills! These athletes are highly motivated to do their best and really love to push themselves!



6/19/19 - The Wildcats of Thorton Township are reaching their goals! These athletes are using the summer to better themselves for the whole of the team.



6/18/19 - The Lincoln-Way West Warriors are so excited about getting their tumbling into top shape!! They love trying new skills and are always open to feedback to make themselves better!



6/18/19 - We love working with the athletes from Naperville Central! They are so much fun and love to work hard. They always motivate each other to do their best and have fun!



6/17/19 - The cheerleaders from Marian Catholic are so dedicated! We love seeing them get new skills because of their focus and strength!!



6/17/19 - The Bradley-Bourbonnais Varsity cheerleaders are working hard this summer! They are gaining confidence & achieving their goals! GO BOILERS!!               



5/5/2018 - With the success of our Summer Team Tumbling special we are bringing it back this year!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   We are offering 90 minute team tumbling sessions in the mornings and/or afternoons. This extended class period will allow our teams that travel far to maximize their visit with us as well as help all students acquire as many skills as possible before the demands of the school year start! In addition, these classes will still maintain our 6:1 student to instructor ratio – the lowest ratio in the area! Please call now to reserve your slot!


NEW! Traveling Tumbling: TCA is now offering to come to your school and provide tumbling classes in your gym. We will provide as much equipment as we are able and use your school's cheer floor/strips. Please contact us for more information!
TCA is now offering squads the opportunity to have practice and tumbling class all in one location. As competition season approaches and fall sports begin, we know gym time can be scarce and/or inconvenient in your school's gym. Let us help you schedule practices and tumbling that will give you adequate gym time in order to prepare for competitions.
Call the gym for availability!

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